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This part of our website is intended to provide viewers with information about the DuPage Theatre, which was a historic treasure in Lombard, IL. Information on other historic theatres and movie palaces that we have discovered will be featured. Of particular interest, which you MUST see, is the Paramount Theatre in Anderson, Indiana and The Coleman Theatre in Miami, Oklahoma. This type of sucessful restoration is what Lombard could have had provided more visionaries were in public office.

In addition, we have provided links in the menu bar above to other websites concerning historic theaters. Check them out.

As the world of movies embraces the digital age, many historic theatres will be forced to close their doors. Currently, over 90% of newly released movies are in digital format and not on film. The cost of switching to digital technology is extremely expensive and many of the smaller theaters simply cannot afford to make the change. Some theaters may stay viable by offering only vintage films, stage productions (if they have a stage), or offer their space as a venu for special events. Other theaters will simply disappear. Please support your local historic theater's efforts to raise the funds necessary to make the switch to digital.

The Future of Theaters?

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