Here are some of the museums we have visited in the U.S. and Europe

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United States


Air Classics Museum of Aviation_(IL)  
Alamo, The_(TX) Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany
Amana Heritage Museum (IA) Auwschwitz Museum, Osweicim, Poland
America's National Churchill Museum (MO)  
Antique Air Power Museum (IA)  
Ark Encounter (KY)
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum (IN)  
Big Brutus (KS)
Buffalo Bill Musuem (IA)  
Buster Keaton Birthplace Museum (KS)  
Creation Museum (KY) Currywurst Museum, Berlin, Germany
Cloud County Museum (KS)
Cornish Pumping Engine & Mining Museum, (MI) Deutsches  Apotheken Museum at Schloss Heidelberg, Germany
Dr. Ralph Muchow Museum (IL) Deutsche Demokratische Republik Museum, Berlin, Germany
DuBuque County Jail Museum (IA) Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany
Fort Leonard Wood (MO)  
Greenfield Village (MI)

Henry Ford Museum (MI)  
House of Yesteryear (MI)
Kansas Motorcycle Museum (KS) Kerry County Museum, Ireland
Kansas Oil Museum  
Kansas Underground Salt Museum (KS)  
Lee Hartung Collection (IL)  
Lester F. Larsen Tractor Test & Power Museum (NE)  
Louis May Museum (NE)  
International Museum of Surgical Science (IL)
Iowa Aviation Museum (IA)  
Missouri State Penitentiary Museum (MO)  
Monroe County Heritage Museum (IA)  
Mustard Museum (WI) Madam Curie Museum, Warsaw, Poland
Museum of American Speed (NE)  
National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium (IA)  
National Museum of Roller Skating (NE)  
Naval Undersea Warfare Hawthorne Ordnance (NV)  
Nebraska Prairie Museum (NE) Römisch-Germanisches Museum, Cologne, Germany
Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum (OH)
Old Threshers Museum (IA)  
Pioneer Village (NE)

Pony Express (multiple States) Schindler's Factory, Krakow, Poland
Rockcliffe Mansion (MO) Senf Museum, Cologne, Germany
Rollo Jamison Museum (WI) Spielzeugmuseum, Munich, Germany
Sarpy County Museum (NE) Stasi Museum, Berlin, Germany
Sod House Museum (KS) Stasi Prison, Berlin, Germany
Strategic Air & Space Museum (NE)  
Tractor Land Museum (IA) Wahalle Museum, Donaustauf, Germany
Victorian Palace (IL)  
Virginia City Red Light Museum (NV) ZAM Center for Exceptional Museums, Munich, Germany
Western Historic Radio Museum (NV)